Lakes in the Wind Rivers

There are so many lakes in the Wind Rivers that I doubt there is an accurate count. It is said that there are over 1300 lakes and half hold fish. Plus there are hundreds of miles of creeks and streams. Fishing here means an opportunity to catch wild cutts and brookies, rainbows and browns, and is one of the few places to angle for Golden trout.

Whether you decide to backpack, hike, or drive to your fishing destination, the Wind Rivers are not to be missed!

The Wind River Range is divided between two forest districts:
  • Bridger-Teton National Forest is on the west side of the Continental Divide. The Bridger Wilderness lies in Bridger-Teton N.F.
  • Shoshone National Forest is on the east.

Pinedale access - Western Wind Rivers (includes Bridger Wilderness)

Click here for info on Bridger-Teton N.F. or click here for info in the Pinedale district

Click here for info on Bridger Wilderness

Pinedale website (lots of info)

You can drive to some lakes such as:

Lander access - SE Wind Rivers (inc. Popo Agie Wilderness)

See a map from Shoshone N.F.

Shoshone NF website

encampment river wyoming

Dubois access - NE Wind Rivers

Shoshone NF website

See a map from Shoshone N.F.