Madison, Firehole and Gibbon Rivers

The Madison River is born in Yellowstone National Park, where the Firehole and Gibbon Rivers meet. It then flows west into Montana and continues its legendary trip as a great trout stream. The Firehole starts near Old Faithful - hence the name. The Gibbon is headwatered in the northern part of the park. Fishing these rivers in Wyoming is all in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Park requires its own license, not a WY license. Check with the park for regs - see their website on fishing.

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  • Fish: B, Br, R, C, MW, G for Browns, Brookies, Rainbows, Cutthroats, Mountain Whitefish, Grayling
  • Facilities: T, Camp for Toilets, Camping
  • Number (1) corresponds to location on map

Madison (1)

  • Numerous access points along US Hwy 20 between Madison Junction and West Yellowstone. This is a 15-mile stretch that can be crowded at times. Flyfishing only.
  • Fish: R, B
  • Facilities: Camp

Gibbon (2)

  • Access from the Grand Loop Road between Madison Junction to Norris Junction; access from road and trails off Norris Canyon Road. Flyfishing only.
  • Fish: B, Br, R, MW, G
  • Facilities: Camp
  • More info

Firehole (3)

  • Access from the Grand Loop Road between Old Faithful and Madison Junction; some hiking access at Fountain Flats and upstream from Old Faithful; some portions of river closed to fishing - check at park. Flyfishing only.
  • Fish: B, Br, R
  • Facilities: Camp
  • More info