Popo Agie River

The Popo Agie River starts in the Wind Rivers, flowing northeast and into Montana. Its start is in Bighorn National Forest, where access is good. After flowing onto the plains, most land is privately held.

Be sure to pick up a current Wyoming fishing regulations book, or check locally for regs. Parts of this river are catch and release.

We have listed several access points on the Popo Agie. See the map.

You can find stream flow information on ourreports page


  • Fish: B, Br, R, C for Browns, Brookies, Rainbows, and Cutthroats
  • Facilities: T, Camp for Toilets, Camping 

North Popo Agie

  • WY G&F lease in Northern Lander off 2nd Street
  • Fish: B, R
  • Facilities: none

Little Popo Agie

  • Go southwest from Lander on Hwy 28 about 7 miles. Take Rd 28 to the south for about 1 mile, turning south onto Red Canyon Road. Two parking areas near the river between 1 and 2 miles.
  • Fish: B, Br, C, R
  • Facilities: none

Middle Popo Agie - WYG&F

  • Southwest from Lander on 131, about 1 mile NE of Sinks Canyon State Park. Access on WY G&F/State lands
  • Facilities: none

Middle Popo Agie - Sinks Canyon SP

  • Southwest from Lander on 131 about 5 miles
  • Website for the park
  • Fish: B, Br, R, C
  • Facilities: T, Camp

Middle Popo Agie - Shoshone Nat'l Forest

  • Southwest from Lander on Rd 131, past the Sinks Canyon State Park
  • Website for Shoshone Nat'l Forest, Bruce Picnic Area; there is a campground nearby, and also dispersed camping, plus a trailhead to follow the river upstream.
  • Fish: B, Br, R
  • Facilities: T, Camp

Little Popo Agie - Shoshone Nat'l Forest

  • A campground near the headwaters overs access to the upper Little Popo Agie River and some nice lakes.
  • Facilities: Camp, T

Wind River Reservation

  • Fishing on the Wind River Indian Reservation requires a tribal fishing license, which can be purchased at several locations on the reservation.