Yellowstone River

The Yellowstone River starts near the SE corner of the park, flowing for over 10 miles before entering Yellowstone Lake. Remote fishing is offered in this area, and an opportunity to catch (and release) Yellowstone Cutthroats. After the river leaves the lake, it moves through a variety of settings, including mudpots and canyons. Some vigorous hiking is required for much of the access. Be prepared for backcountry conditions.

Yellowstone Park requires its own license, not a WY license. Check with the park for regs - see their website on fishing.

Check out river reports and stream flows on the Reports Page

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  • Fish: B, Br, R, C for Browns, Brookies, Rainbows, Cutthroats
  • Facilities: T, Camp for Toilets, Camping
  • Number (1) corresponds to location on map

Downstream from Yellowstone Lake - Road access (1)

  • Access off of Grand Loop Road between Lake and Grand Canyon (much of this is closed to fishing); access of Grand Loop Road and Northeast Entrance Road near Tower Junction
  • Fish: R, B, Br, C
  • Facilities: Camp

Downstream from Yellowstone Lake - Trail access (2)

  • Trail access into Grand Canyon (parts closed to fishing); into Black Canyon on Yellowstone Creek or Blacktail trails; or at Garnet Hill
  • Fish: R, B, Br, C
  • Facilities: Camp

Upstream from Yellowstone Lake (3)

  • Access by trail only - The Thorofare trail follows much of the river upstream in the park. A long hike - watch for bears
  • Fish: B, C
  • Facilities: Camp