Wyoming or Bust

by Jack Wolbach

I come out every year and make a loop through Wyoming in August. I try and include a few different places each year, along with my old standbys. In 2009 new places include the Snowy Range(#1), Spread Creek(#10), Granite Creek(#12), and Bear Creek(#13). I use a lot of different patterns with my favorite being the "usual" pattern of Fran Betters. I've included a map and list of streams which I covered in about 25 days.

In 2009, my Western Fishing Trip covered:
  1. Bellamy & Mirror Lakes, Libby Creek
  2. Sweetwater River – Ore Road
  3. Sweetwater River – Graham Road
  4. Little Popo Agie River – Loop Road
  5. Fiddler Lake
  6. Jakeys Fork & Torrey Creek
  7. Horse Creek
  8. Wiggins & Frontier Creek – Double Cabin
  9. Wind River Lake, Brooks Lake & Creek
  10. Spread Creek – Flagstaff Road
  11. Snake River – Below Jackson Dam & Oxbow Bend
  12. Granite Creek
  13. Bear Creek – above Bear Creek Trailhead
  14. Warm River
  15. Henrys Fork – Osborne Bridge
  16. Madison River – Barn Holes
  17. Soda Butte Creek
  18. Clarks Fork Yellowstone – Montana & Wyoming
  19. Sunlight Creek – above ranger station
  20. Shell Creek – Shell Canyon horse corral
  21. North Fork Tongue & Bull Creek
  22. Little Big Horn – stream improvement area
  23. South Fork Tongue – FR195
Wyoming Fishing Map

Fran Betters Usual Patterns: Snowshoe Hare Usual (on left); Groundhog Usual (on right)

Wyoming fishing flies 

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